Enable HTTPS on selfhosted OWIN

openssl-3To make a webAPI or website secure you’ll normally use a SSL certificate. Usually you create a certificate request using (for example) the IIS Management Tool. But if you’re hosting the application inside the application process itself by using OWIN you might not have these tools available. There are options however!

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Persistent reliable objects in service fabric | service fabric reliable classes persistency

microsoft service fabric logoBefore actually (re)writing sofware to be used in the Microsoft Service Fabric I need to get to know the basics about a few things. Today I was wondering how to actually persist data. In the ‘old ages’ (yesterday..) I was always using some kind of database to store application data. This is in a microservices architecture not a bad thing, but you need to think about the data architecture before doing so.

First of all I was wondering if I really needed to persist the data for the application I had in mind. (Sorry, I can’t go in to details about the application itself) The data stored in the application is mainly configuration data and some things needed for reporting and logging. The configuration is not much, but needs to be persisted and usable even after a crash of the entire cluster. The logging/reporting data is quite extensive, but is volatile. It needs to be available for some time (1-3 months) but if lost no harm is done.

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First Post! | about me, marco, enterz

Today I decided to get back to blogging again. Installed WordPress on my server and now hope for the best that I can keep up writing a post every now and then.

On this site I’ll mostly write about technology and development. This ranges from deep-dives in code, software architecture like microservices or other new technology I like. See my about-me page to learn more about who I am and what I do.